Friedrich Froebel - Fröbel

Johannes Frobenius

An eminent and learned German printer was a native of Hammelburg in Franconia, where he was from his childhood trained in letters. Afterwards he went to the University of Basle, where he acquired the reputaion of being uncommonly learned. He applied himself to the art of printing and becoming a master of it opened a shop in Basle. He was the first of the German printers who brought the art to perfection; and being a man of great probity and piety, as well as skill, he was particular in the choice of the authors he printed. The great reputation and character of this printer was the principal motive which lead Erasmus to fix his quarters at Basle.

A great number of valuable authors were printed by Frobenius with great care and accuracy, among which were the works of Jerome, Ausgustin and Erasmus.

The connexion between Erasmus and Frobenius grew very close and intimate. Erasmus loved the good qualites of Frobenius, as much as Frobenius could admire the great ones of Erasmus.

In 1522, Frobenius had the misfortune to fall from the top of a staircase onto a brick pavement; which fall, although he then affected not to be much hurt with it, is thought to have laid the foundation of what succeeded.


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Johannes Frobenius