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The purposes for which the Friedrich Froebel Fund was formed are as follows:

Friedrich Froebel Fund acknowledges the generous support of The Froebel Gallery, New York and Froebel Web

Friedrich Froebel Fund is incorporated under Section 402 of the Not-for-Profit Corporation Law. The office of the corporation is located in the County of Albany in the State of New York.

Let us live for our children!

Let us not shun the labour needed to lay a foundation for life in the small, in the deep and in the united. The tree of life will surely blossom for us. The twigs will wind themselves into garlands; as the foliage will give us shade, so will the branches afford us fruit. Let us faithfully care for our children and soon will grow up around us a garden of God.

Let us loyally foster the children. Nothing in heaven or earth has such high promise, such abiding blessing. God loves his creatures, his human beings; he loves his children. We children of God, we human beings should therefore love our children as much! Let us show in life union, harmony and singleness of purpose and hence reveal the divine. Soon union, peace and joy will incline towards us and our children.

If you cannot already perceive in the individual the totality and unity, in the sprouting seed the blossom the fruit the plant, then you must have faith in the seed, the soil, the gardener and the whole, the harmony of life.

Friedrich Froebel

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